IT Infrastructure Service

IT infrastructure is another important part of an organization's IT system. Because it is like the architect's job to help plan the structure of the house to be strong, if the structure of the house is not strong enough may cause damage even though the house may have to be demolished, so it is necessary to use the real thing. expert. Therefore, the structure can be designed concisely and meets the requirements of use for maximum efficiency.

At Tablesoft, we offer a wide variety of services. To meet your IT infrastructure needs

  • Server installation and planning
  • Network installation and planning
  • Management of various system information Including the provision and selection of storage for store data in the most efficient way
  • IT Security maintains IT security for the organization.

Cloud hosting

Web hosting

Email hosting

SEO hosting

Cloud Hosting is to bring multiple servers. The machine came to connect to work at the same time. Together resulting in a larger processing of data storage and processing if the server One of the machines has a problem. Other machines will automatically work instead. Thus allowing the website to continue working without the website being down Therefore resulting in minimal errors

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